Solution Provider

Francisco Estrada

Francisco Estrada is a Solution Provider to Ministries, Organizations, Business, Marriages and Individuals. He is currently establishing businesses to expand The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

He is a former drug addict and gangbanger changed due to super natural encounters with Christ Jesus:

  • ► At nine years old Jesus took him to Heaven
  • ► At seventeen he saw Jesus riding a white horse in space
  • ► At eighteen years old he saw Jesus descended from Heaven with many crowns and He asked him, “why did you not tell your friends about me”
  • ► At twenty he saw Jesus feet and tunic behind him with his eyes closed
  • ► At twenty-one he saw Jesus in a Throne and thousands worshiping Him
  • ► At twenty-three Jesus sat on his bed as he was praying one morning
  • ► At twenty-six he saw Jesus in the sky by night
  • ► At thirty Jesus came to him from Heaven in the form of a lightning than He stood in front of him with a Lion’s head and golden hair, growling under His breath!