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Francisco J. Estrada

D-I Personality
Task Oriented
Solution Provider to Ministries, Organizations, Businesses, Marriages and Individuals. He currently builds passive income to expand The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Born in 1988, in a very tiny town of Puebla, Mexico call: “El Leon” (The Lion). Offspring of a Catholic Priest and Nun, who miraculously met by taking refuge from the biggest earthquake in Mexican history in 1985.

Fun fact: “Francisco spent most of his childhood posing as an altar boy, in order to not raise any suspicions in the Catholic Church” – only joking, he never posed as an altar boy. Both his parents left the priesthood and monastery after getting together.

From five to eleven years old, he was raised in Mexico’s Federal District by his Christian grandmother, who imparted to him the love for total strangers.

At the young age of eleven years old, he moved to Westchester NY, where he started working as a dishwasher, to help pay rent, while being a freshman and sophomore in Middle School.

By the age of twenty years old, he had became a waiter, thanks to the people who trained him. His own wages paid for his college tuition in Valhalla NY, where God call him out of for ministry training in 2008

Abandoning his career, his job, his family and his friends, he joined a full time internship with no salary, in New Haven CT. While serving & learning, the leadership elected to ordained him without him asking to be ordained and without him feeling ready.

In obedience to God and the spiritual authorities over him, he moved south to Tucson, AZ in the middle of the recession, when average jobs where almost none existent.

… to be continued

Some of his natural talents are: Design & Decor, Gift Wrapping, Giving, Organization, Outlining, Smiling and Teaching.

Mamaroneck, New York – High School Graduate
New Heaven, Connecticut – Ordained Pastor
Tucson, Arizona – Missionary Evangelist & Landlord

His current operations focus on growing passive income through Real Estate Investing. He attributes his financial achievements to God and many people on his journey, including his mother, who sacrificed herself with a lifetime of work to keep him and his grandmother a float, his dear friend, Bob Zachmeier, who has graciously taught him the Tucson Real Estate Market and his Jamaican wife Kedesha Yolanda Estrada who constantly challenges him to the next level.

Former gangster & drug addict changed by encounters with Christ Jesus:

    – DREAMS –
  • 1997 Jesus took him to the Third Heaven far beyond Galaxies and told him:
    “I don’t need you up here, I need you down there. Go and tell everyone about Me”
  • 2005 he saw The Ancient of Days in space, His whole Body was glowing white, riding a white horse towards the north west. He was one with the horse, who glowed in the same radiance as Him. Suddenly He stopped His horse who stood on his two back legs for a few seconds, while turning around and charged south towards him. Both His beard and His eyes were white. He looked so old but very strong and young at the same time
  • 2006 an intense and world wide trumpet sound was heard. The sky opened up, the clouds spread east and west like two curtains. Jesus descended from above and stood in the air, with many golden crowns spinning over His Head and asked him:
    “Why did you not tell your friends about me?”
  • – AWAKE –
  • 2008 at a church altar, on bended knees with eyes closed and many people laying hands on him, he saw Jesus’ feet in sandals. Jesus walked towards him from behind, with a whirlwind swirling counterclockwise around His feet
  • 2008 in the mist of worship, at a pentecostal retreat in a Jewish community on the mountains, he started involuntarily praise dancing under the power of the Hoy Spirit and speaking in tongues for the first time. After a few minutes, he saw God’s Throne with a powerful silhouette of light in the shape of a person sitting down on it. There were millions of people in white clothes worshiping Him and even some with wings & musical instruments that matched the beat of the worship songs being played at the service
  • – DREAMS –
  • 2011 One morning around 5am, as he was praying, Jesus sat on his bed. He wore a white tunic with a solid purplish/red sash, from His right shoulder down to the left side of His waist. Woke up no longer on his knees at the side of the bed but tucked in
  • 2014 saw Jesus standing still, hight up in the air at a dark blue sky by night, He wore a simple white tunic
  • 2018 Jesus came to him from Heaven like a lightning striking the ground then He stood in front of him with a Lion’s head growling under His breath! He had amazing golden long hair, some braids, a lion’s mane that morphed in to His traditional long hair, the most amazing & beautiful multi-layered battle armor, fire and electricity all around His glowing Body a Royal Scepter appeared on His right hand
  • – AWAKE –
  • 2021 saw Jesus’ face as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah formed in fiery moving flames
  • – DREAMS –
  • 2021 saw Jesus with His simple white tunic smiling at him
  • 2021 saw Jesus with an indescribable one piece desert brown tunic that had a hood, overlapping multi-layered folds of fabric in different sizes and it appeared to have actual desert sand all over it

Francisco thanks God for the extraordinary spiritual leaders and role models that have impacted him in different ways and stages of his life.

  • Pastor Victor Garcia – who set him in the way of Jesus Christ
  • The Moreno Family – who kept his faith alive with their Christian music
  • Reverend Ramón Perez – who introduced him to the baptism of The Holy Spirit
  • Apostle Venance Bailly – who taught him how to evangelize effectively
  • Pastor Issac Williams – who imparted unto him computer proficiency
  • Pastor Benny Hinn – who demonstrated the anointing of the Holy Ghost
  • Apostle Charles Ndifon – who made the Bible powerfully practical
  • Prophet TB Joshua – who exemplified boldness for healing and deliverance
  • Apostle Guillermo Maldonado – who exudes character and stability
  • Apostle David E. Taylor – who revel to him how to meet Jesus Christ in another dimension
Estrada Francisco